Casie + Steven // One Big Party

What an amazingly epic day. Something has to be said for weddings with culture… the dance floor is always electric, bursting with energy as the party doesn’t stop until the moment the night concludes. Every moment before the couple bids farewell at the end of the night is filled with laughter, spontaneousness and frivolity. But most importantly, at the centre of the hype and craziness is two people who genuinely care and love each other, which is what has brought us to today. Continue reading


Alana + Lachy’s Highlight Film

All good stories start with “we met at a party”. Whilst it wasn’t particularly love at first sight for Alana, with Lachy being persistent and determined to show off his ‘charm’, the two soon formed a bond which was established almost 9 years ago and an attraction developed which leads us to celebrating this momentous occasion today. Continue reading


Tamieka + Adrian // Echuca Wedding Videography

On one cold morning on the other side of the world just over two years ago, I met Tamieka + Adrian for the first time. Properly met them for the first time. Being on a contiki tour across America, you can spend a day or two or three without properly meeting some of the people in your group. And I mean actually meeting with them. Having a proper conversation rather than the usual “hi, how are you?” introductions. This moment occurred for me on a trip to Alcatraz in San Fransisco, as the three of us had organised the night before. Both were sweet, easy going, fun and genuine individuals. They exuded a warmth that was welcoming and caring. These two were awesome people. Continue reading


Steph + Ben’s Feature Film

Every once in a while, you come across a couple who are so lovely to deal with. They both not only are a perfect match for one another, but their separate identities and who they are as people emphasise how ideal they are together as a couple.

The spark between Steph + Ben began many years prior, when ‘myspace’ was the popular forum for social interaction. Steph had a few friends over for a gathering at her parent’s place, with Ben being invited along by a mutual friend. After Ben took the lead and looked up Steph’s profile the following day, they arranged to get together for a movie date. Arriving early, they both decided to go to the Melbourne Aquarium to kill some time. With Steph running around “like a crazy person” (by her own omission), Ben found this an endearing quality which soon commenced a relationship which has brought us to today… their wedding day. Continue reading


Kate + Kent’s announcement… on their wedding day

Check out what happened in the morning of Kate + Kent’s wedding, where they announced some exciting news to their closest family and friends. Their full highlight film will be coming in the next few weeks but couldn’t resist sharing this little gem…


Ash + Dan’s Country Wedding

Truth be told, I jump with glee when I have to travel for a wedding. Whilst Melbourne has some pretty spectacular venues and landmarks, there is something unique about weddings that happen in the middle of nowhere. Away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic. Out in country Victoria, in Tooborac, a super sweet couple were preparing for their wedding day – which fate seemed to have in the making from the very beginning… Continue reading


Why invest in wedding cinematography?

We often see the question on so many forum or Facebook groups “should I get a videographer?” or “why should I invest in a good cinematographer instead of getting Uncle Joe to film our day?”

We have put this question to our couples who share their experiences and thoughts…


Visit us at the Linley Estate Bridal Expo

Facebook Cover Linley Estate-2

We are thrilled to be part of the Linley Estate Bridal Showcase, which will be held on Sunday 18th January 2015 from 10AM – 3PM. Be sure to stop by our stand and watch some beautiful wedding films! We will be featuring our films alongside some of Yarra Valley’s finest suppliers and we are so excited to meet so many new couples about to embark on their own wedding journey!


Deanne + James | Stones of the Yarra Valley

Family means everything to Deanne (‘Dee’) and James… and it seems the feeling is mutual for the guests. It must be some sort of record that was set for this wedding. From every corner of the globe, friends, relatives and loved ones were united together travelling over a quarter of a million kilometres to witness these two special people tie the knot.

It was a celebration. A whole month of celebrations. From meeting up with Dee and James a few weeks before the wedding, guests had already started to arrive as their flights touched down to Melbourne airport. It was a holiday for their loved ones. A chance for all to be together to celebrate the union of two individuals becoming a partnership for life. Continue reading