Nary + Matt ::: Melbourne Wedding Film

We had an amazing experience capturing the two-day wedding-fest celebrations of Nary + Matt in what was a colorful, spiritual and emotive union for two absolute gems.

I first met Nary + Matt back in the beginning of 2014, as we shared a drink in Ringwood on one Thursday night and discussed all things wedding related. Nary is such a gem. She is one of a kind. Smiling and bubbly from ear to ear, and excited. Oh so excited as to what would be coming just around the corner… in a matter of months time, she would marry Matt. Her person.

They first met when Nary was 16 years old at an event at Lilydale Lake. After a brief exchange, nothing more eventuated until a fateful mutual friends 21st birthday two years later when sparks began to fly. Nary describes Matt as “handsome, strong and stubborn”. He is down to earth, level headed and a kind spirited individual. Continue reading


Liana + James ::: Tatra Receptions

On one rainy day in November some years ago, Liana and James first set eyes on each other whilst they were both attending a music festival at Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Liana claims it wasn’t love at first sight between the two individuals, but after a conversation, some dancing in the rain and a connection that was formed, this chance encounter turned into a relationship that has spanned the past six years.

Flash forward to their wedding day… bright and sunny skies with perfect weather conditions. Set in the heart of the Dandenong Rangers, Tatra Receptions was the exquisite location for Liana + James to celebrate their union among family and friends as they committed themselves together as husband and wife. Family was an integral part of their celebrations. Liana was wearing her mum’s veil, and had a pin and pendant of her grandparents sewn on to her flowers. For parents to witness their children find complete happiness with their soul mate, enforced many tears of joy throughout the day. Continue reading


Belinda + Paul ::: Feature Film

Bel + Paul are two in a million… through every chat, text and email correspondence I have had with both of them in the lead up to their wedding has been an absolute delight. They share a special connection as they simply ‘get’ each other.

It was back in December 2012 when I first chatted with Belinda, of whom is an absolute gem. So bubbly, so personal and caring. Having a wedding film was important to her. So much so, she contacted me after watching one of our wedding films (Sherene + Richard) which helped cement the importance of capturing the visuals of her wedding day to Paul. Continue reading


Hayley + Andrew ::: Bram Leigh Receptions

Bucket List Item #35: Marry the man of my dreams

This was Hayley’s goal. The moment had finally arrived. And it was a perfect day.

The day was filled with laughter, light and colour. Oh so much colour. All the colours of the rainbow entrenched Hayley + Andrew as they were united at Bram Leigh Receptions in front of friends and family.

To describe Hayley + Andrew as kindhearted and playful is an understatement… they are genuine, free spirited and intelligent individuals who bring a smile to your soul when you are around them. The love and affection for each other is sprinkled throughout this film as they immersed themselves in every joyous moment that presented itself on their wedding day. Continue reading


Natasha + Jason ::: Geelong Wedding

They met in kindergarten. Natasha used to chase Jason around the playground. Jason would run away as most young boys wouldn’t want to play with girls. But during frequent family gatherings, he would occasionally share his toys with her. This childhood love story enveloped into the union we are brought to today.

It was clear observing Natasha + Jason throughout their wedding day that they have known each other practically all of their lives. Both are warm, thoughtful and down to earth individuals who when together, simply make sense to be a couple. Plenty of laughter and happy exchanges were sprinkled throughout their day as they celebrated with those around them that mattered most in their hearts. Continue reading


Katarina + Simon ::: Croatian Dom Wedding

We had such a wonderful day filming the nuptials of Katarina + Simon, who exchanged vows and said “i do’s” at St Bernard’s Catholic Church in Bacchus Marsh.

This is a wedding which was bathed in laughter, fun and love as both Katarina and Simon celebrated their day with family and friends and those who are cherished most to them. From the first moment I met with the soon-to-be husband and wife, I knew the day would be lively and energetic. Both Katarina and Simon exude a fruitful, energetic and above all exciting personalities, and combined with their bridal party (who were a hoot and a half) I knew we would be in for a great day. They both had a great sense of humour so it was great to be able to laugh and have fun with them throughout the day.

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Sarah + John ::: Same Day Edit

Where do I begin…….

I don’t think there are any words which I can use to accurately describe the pleasure and enjoyment I have had witnessing these two lovely people get together, fall in love and finally get married on what will be forever known as one of the best weddings I have EVER been to.

Having known both Sarah + John for some 10 years (and having studied alongside John at uni with film & television production) it was a daunting task to capture their special day which has been in the making for quiet a few years now. It was comforting to know that Sarah + John trusted me 110% to capture their day and bottle their memory into a visual feast which they can share to all of their friends and families both in Australia and in Greece.

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Sonia + Trevor ::: The Windsor Hotel

It is with great joy that I am able to share the union between Sonia + Trevor, who were married not too long ago at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Middle Park. Their day was filled with a sense of love, tranquility and affection shared amongst those who were closest to them. Family and friends came from near and far to celebrate the nuptuials which were officiated by Father Brian McDermott.

It was a treat once again to work alongside Gloria from Art By I Photography, and to be looked after by the staff at their reception at the historic Windsor Hotel.

Weddings bring people together with one recurring theme… love. And it was truly evident love was present throughout the day as Sonia + George took their first steps into the next chapter of their lives.

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Elicia + Darren ::: Melbourne Zoo Wedding

Sometimes when fate brings two people together a special union can occur. Two strangers are brought together organically, and are perfectly suited and each others better half. Elicia + Darren embody the essence of this magic.

The heart-warming union between Elicia + Darren came to fruition on one magical day set among the scenic backdrop of Melbourne Zoo. Encircled by the love of their precious family and treasured friends we behold a gorgeous ceremony set in The Butterfly House, Melbourne Zoo followed by an enchanting reception in The Bong Su Room where the celebrations continued well into the night.

Elicia + Darren are two friendly, supportive, loving and honest individuals, who are easy going and simply wanted to enjoy their special day.

We worked alongside the fabulously talented Monica from TML Media throughout the day to capture the candid details and moments unfolding as Elicia + Darren became Mr & Mrs.

Congrats you two 🙂

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Skye + Peter ::: Morning Star Estate

Bathed in sun drenched light, Skye and Peter celebrated their long awaited union together as husband and wife in one of the most awesome, spectacular and memorable wedding days I’m sure their family and friends will cherish forever.

Before they were engaged, before all the wedding planning and preparations, Skye knew the one and only place she wanted to get married was at Morning Star Estate, one of the Mornington Peninsula’s premier wedding venues, which is set amidst 22 acres of exquisite gardens and 30 acres of vines. Skye and Peter actually got engaged at this venue, so it was a no brainier they would continue the love affair and tie the knot in a heart-warming garden ceremony, officiated by the lovely Erin Rollason.

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