Mansi + Daniel


The Willows

You couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for the wedding of Mansi + Daniel. The skies were clear blue, the sun was out shining as dawn broke on what would be a heartfelt and memorable day for all involved.

I first met Mansi some time ago at The Willows Bridal Expo, and since then it has been an absolute delight to get to know her (and in turn, Daniel). Both exude a certain warmth when in each others company filled with love, light and laughter.

What really orchestrated a chord for me when having coffee with Mansi a few months prior to her wedding was the story she was telling me on how she first met Daniel, how they fell in love, and what exactly happened on their second date. As you will learn through watching their wedding film, they were stranded in an African jungle overnight with nothing but the clothes on their back (amongst the darkened forest and wild animals). Mansi and Daniel later reflect that it was during their isolated time stranded in Africa their relationship turned and they formed a close bond, which in result brought us to their wedding day.

Friends and family travelled from afar to witness the civil union, held in the beautiful gardens of The Willows, where celebrant Marie Brown hosted a heartfelt ceremony which had all in tears of joy. Special guests Praveen and Meera, who have been apart of Mansi + Daniel's India chapter since the beginning were in attendance, which made their special day complete.

Mansi + Daniel, words cannot describe how thoroughly enjoyable it has been to get to know you both over the past few months, and to capture your special day for you. I wish you every bit of happiness as you continue your journey as husband and wife.

Special thanks and a shout out to Melissa, Estelle and the entire team at The Willows for their cooperation and coordination on the day. All the staff were so helpful and attentive which really made the day enjoyable.
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Lushelle + Chris


Chateau Dore

I absolutely adore capturing all the love and emotions which is brought out in people on wedding days. There is something about witnessing the first glance between two individuals whom - in a few short moments of time - commit themselves to one another and commence their lives as husband and wife.

Set upon the sun drenched grounds of Chateau Dore, located in Bendigo, Lushelle + Chris were joined by those who mattered most to them as they confirmed their relationship which has unfolded each day since their first meeting all those years ago.

Both Lushelle + Chris are warm, fun-loving and loyal individuals. It was clear when observing them throughout their wedding day how much admiration they have for one another and how well suited they are as a couple. Their pre interviews provided an insight to how they both met, fell in love and how they compliment each other. Chris also surprised Lushelle with a special card which evoked tears of emotion during the preparations.

You couldn't wipe a smile off their faces throughout the whole day :o) Lushelle and Chris - you both are absolutely awesome and thank you for inviting me to capture your special day. I wish you all the very best as you build your life together as a family.

As always, it was an utter delight to work alongside the oh-so-wonderful Sarah Nader from Sarah J Photography - it was sooo much fun hanging out and teaming up for this wedding!

Special thanks and a shout out to Nicole and the team at Chateau Dore who were exquisite on the day. All the staff were so helpful and attentive which really made the day enjoyable.

Last but not least, thanks to Cameron Jones for assisting! Thanks Cam 🙂
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Lorna + Donald


Sandringham Yacht Club

All the way from Ireland comes this heartfelt love story filled with smiles, laughter and kilts.

It was such a joy getting to know Lorna + Donald in the lead up to their wedding day, as both were so easy to talk to and radiated so much fun and excitement. With family and friends flying in from all corners of the globe for their special day, it was important for Lorna and Donald to capture the special moments shared between the ones that they hold closest to their hearts.

Their wedding film is a little different to most we have done, by including a pre shoot with the husband and wife to be which allowed us to have some fun and capture them as a couple before the wedding day. The fun shared between Lorna + Donald echoed throughout the pre shoot as it gave them an opportunity to laugh, have fun and bask in the excitement of their wedding which would unfold in the coming weeks.

The day started wary morning with preparations in Aspendale as Lorna + Donald were joined by their awesome bridal party (who were a hoot and a half) and shared some priceless moments as they prepared for the union which would join them together as husband and wife.

With the stunning ocean backdrop behind them, the ceremony and reception held at Sandringham Yacht Club was a tranquil location for celebrations to be had. With all the groomsmen and Donald in kilts (on a somewhat windy way), Lorna made her way down the isle as the delightful celebrant Barbara Beames officiated a heartfelt ceremony.

It was an absolute delight to work alongside Monica (+ Jodi) from TML Media who is seriously one of the best photographers we L-O-V-E to work with. It's great to work with photographers who are respectful of other industry professionals and is always on side for assistance and a laugh... joining forces for this wedding was seriously an awesome experience.

Above all, a huge thank you to Lorna + Donald who entrusted me to capture their special day! You both are so lovely and I look forward to catching up with you both real soon!

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Liana + James


Tatra Receptions

On one rainy day in November some years ago, Liana and James first set eyes on each other whilst they were both attending a music festival at Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Liana claims it wasn't love at first sight between the two individuals, but after a conversation, some dancing in the rain and a connection that was formed, this chance encounter turned into a relationship that has spanned the past six years.

Flash forward to their wedding day... bright and sunny skies with perfect weather conditions. Set in the heart of the Dandenong Rangers, Tatra Receptions was the exquisite location for Liana + James to celebrate their union among family and friends as they committed themselves together as husband and wife. Family was an integral part of their celebrations. Liana was wearing her mum's veil, and had a pin and pendant of her grandparents sewn on to her flowers. For parents to witness their children find complete happiness with their soul mate, enforced many tears of joy throughout the day.

Liana looked immaculate in her Amaline Vitale dress, complimented with floral arrangements by Debbie O'Neill. There was so much excitement for both Liana and James throughout their mornings preparations... James was in awe at the present Liana had given him that morning (an awesome DLSR camera)... James had jokingly suggested to me that he could then proceed to "film his own wedding"...

Luckily this wasn't the case, because the moment that Liana arrived at the ceremony, tears were forming in James' eyes (along with plenty of tears from their family and friends). There was so much heartfelt emotion as Father Brian McDermott delivered a moving ceremony which affirmed Liana and James in marriage.

After an afternoon tea of scones, jam and cream, we had some fun working alongside the ever talented Mark + Tracey from Clarisse Photography. It was an absolute hoot to work with down to earth, fun and fresh photographers who not only respect the importance of cinematography, but are on hand to have a laugh with as well! (Looking forward to teaming up again soon!)

The reception kicked off and partied well into the night, with Paris by Night rocking out the dance floor and getting everybody up and moving. Thanks so much to Sarah who was the Function Coordinator on the night who ensured the night ran smoothly!

Liana and James... you both are amazing. We had such a fun day capturing your wedding and it has been wonderful in getting to know you both. :o)
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Kirsty + Travis


Lyrebird Falls

Take a moment to immerse yourself in this tale of fun, love and warmth. On one particularly rainy day, Kirsty + Travis got married in a wedding which will not be forgotten.

Set amongst the evergreen forest of the Dandenong Rangers, Lyrebird Falls was the optimum choice for Kirsty + Travis to spend time with those who they hold close to their hearts.

They are pretty much two in a billion. Both are quirky, down to earth and creatively driven individuals, and when they are together - it only takes a second to see they are two positive energies colliding in a sheer of awesomeness. With the pre interviews I did with them both during their preparations, you could see the excitement building steadily as they got dressed, and the smiles beaming on their faces as they talked about each other and their future together.

The heartfelt ceremony was conducted by celebrant Anna Lane, who reflected on the journey both Kirsty + Travis have followed since meeting one another. The personalised vows and words shared between the couple were sweet and had some of their guests in tears of happiness.

Kirsty + Travis would be two of the people you would want to be around constantly. They exude a fun and bubbly persona, and are both caring and compassionate people who are easy to talk to and be around. There was plenty of laughs throughout the mornings preparations, through to the photo shoot session when we were all huddling under umbrellas and rocking it out in the Limo with the music up loud.

As the reception kicked into full swing, the speeches touched on the sentimental and comical sides that both Kirsty + Travis have shared throughout their relationship.

Then there was their Bridal Dance... holy moly. Many couples nowadays incorporate a surprise routine for their guests delight - but Kirsty + Travis' dance took it to another level. Epic. This dance was epic. With a mash between classics of The Lion King Soundtrack, Florence and the Machine, Queen & Natalie Cole - the extravagant routine amazed their guests and kicked off the party which went on well into the night.

It was an absolute treat to work with our friend Beth from Emotif Photography on the day. It is always refreshing to work alongside photographers who "just get it" when it comes to the value and importance of cinematography.

The staff at Lyrebird Falls were absolutely amazing as always (special thanks and a shout out to function coordinator Justine).

Kirsty + Travis would like to send a special shout out to Samantha Holden from Rythemics for choreographing their ahhhhh-mazzzing bridal dance (which also incorporated the Mother/Son + Father/Daughter Dances).

Finally, thank you to two of the most friendliest people - Kirsty + Travis. Thank you for trusting me to capture your special day for you both and for your families.


Karlie + Jason


All Smiles Sorrento

Bathed in gorgeous sunlight with stunning ocean views which will melt your soul, Karlie and Jason had all the right ingredients to make a special wedding day to remember. With the crisp beautiful blue skies and an eye towards the beautiful scenic backdrop of Sorrento, Karlie and Jason exchanged vows, rings and committed themselves to one another in what only can be described as a perfect day.

As both Karlie and Jason are based in South Australia, I unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to meet with them prior to their wedding day... so a FaceTime meeting was set some days prior to their wedding. It was clear that a spark ignited when both were together. You could see it in their eyes, their smiles, the way they were playfully bantering with each other. It's clear they have a special bond which flourishes immensely as time continues on.

It wasn't until the morning of their wedding day, when I physically met Karlie and Jason for the first time, and it was like I knew them for years. Both are ambitious, caring, funny and kind individuals with a warm presence.

Located on the Mornington Peninsula, All Smiles Sorrento was the ideal and intimate setting for guests to unwind with the couple, enjoy the soothing ocean waves crashing among the secluded beach, and witness two very important people tie the knot and cement their future together as husband and wife.

As always, it was an absolute treat to work with Justin + Angi from Justin Hill Photography. A big shout out to the staff at All Smiles in Sorrento who were very helpful on the day, as well as celebrant Felicity Kerr who hosted a lovely ceremony.

Finally to Karlie + Jason, what more can I say? You both are awesome, genuine and too much fun to be around. Thanks for such a fun day and for your chat Jason about Africa... one day I'll make it!

- Glen :o)

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Cherie + Daniel


Quat Quatta

Meet two of the sweetest people ever... Cherie + Daniel.

From my first meeting with them back in February 2013, it has been an absolute delight to get to know Cherie + Daniel, with their bubbly bright personalities meshed with their warm and caring souls which radiated throughout their wedding day.

Preparations began early with the boys having a leisurely breakfast at Park Hyatt whilst the girls commenced their hair and makeup at the historic Hotel Windsor. The smiles and laughter were plastered on Cherie + Daniel's faces from the get go, as neither could hardly wait to exchange vows and commit themselves to one another.

As the sun was shining, Cherie soon arrived at Rippon Lea House & Gardens in Elsternwick - and walked her way to meet her man at the other end of the garden isle (the beautiful floral decorations were done by Blooming Brides, creating a spectacular floral arch which united Cherie + Daniel together as husband and wife). Balwyn Events set up a magnificient ceremony setting and perfected each feature to a tea.

Spending time with Cherie + Daniel during their photo session (working alongside Genelle from Immerse Photography - always a wonderful experience) it was clear that both compliment each other. They spent their day surrounded by those who matter most to them, and smiling non stop.

The reception at Quat Quatta was the relaxed and stylish backdrop for their reception. Whilst the weather soon turned cold and rainy, this did not reflect the mood of the day - as celebrations kicked on and smiles and laughter echoed through the room.

Thank you so much Cherie + Daniel for a magnificent day. Wishing you both every blessings for your future together.

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Katarina + Simon


Croation Dom

We had such a wonderful day filming the nuptials of Katarina + Simon, who exchanged vows and said "i do's" at St Bernard's Catholic Church in Bacchus Marsh.

This is a wedding which was bathed in laughter, fun and love as both Katarina and Simon celebrated their day with family and friends and those who are cherished most to them. From the first moment I met with the soon-to-be husband and wife, I knew the day would be lively and energetic. Both Katarina and Simon exude a fruitful, energetic and above all exciting personalities, and combined with their bridal party (who were a hoot and a half) I knew we would be in for a great day. They both had a great sense of humour so it was great to be able to laugh and have fun with them throughout the day.

Preparations began before the sun broke for both the boys and the girls, getting ready in their respective houses. Excitement was steadily growing knowing what would occur in some short hours. The ceremony was romantic, memorable and sincere which reflected both Katarina and Simon perfectly. After a lengthy (but above all - FUN) photoshoot session (as always, it was an absolute joy to work alongside Monica from TML Media - who was friends with the couple), the celebrations continued at the Croation Dom in Footscray.

Thanks Kat + Simon for such a wonderfully fun day :o)

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Celeste + Ben


Hamilton Island

The choice for a destination wedding was a simple one. It was a perfect excuse for a holiday with the people that are closest to them, and celebrate the union between two families now forming as one. As guests started arriving, the weather became unpredictable - yet did not dampen the excitement of what was about to happen. As the rain cleared just in time for Celeste's arrival (via buggy) for a ceremony on Catseye Beach which was heart-warming and joyful.

The celebrations continued afterwards with dancing, drinks and festivities at their reception, which overlooked the beach and ocean waters. Celeste + Ben relished in the company of those who held a special place in their heart, and celebrated a start of a new chapter in their lives.

After a weeks holiday enjoying the sights and actives, the celebrations continued in Melbourne, with a post-wedding reception held for their extended family and friends at The Pumphouse Hotel. This film was shown to their guests so they could share their day with those who couldn't be with them on their actual wedding day. The film premiere went off without a hitch and was certainly a highlight of the night. It was so awesome to see so many smiling faces with happy tears flowing.

Celeste + Ben, no words can describe the pleasure it has been to create this film for you both. Wishing you both every bit of happiness for the years to come xxx

Thank you also to Ian from DnM Wedding Films for his assistance on the day as well 🙂




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Danni + Jez

Danni + Jez

Royal Brighton Yacht Club


Truth be told... I have been looking forward to this wedding for a while now. Ever since my first conversation with Danni who is just so friendly and easy going and lovely, I had high hopes for this wedding. I finally met with them face-to-face close on a year after they secured their cinematography (they were well prepared for their wedding).

Meeting with both Danni and Jez at a cafe on Carlisle Street in Balaclava, was a lot of fun - after going through all the need-to-know information about their upcoming wedding day, we sat for about 30 minutes just talking and getting to know each other. Both are so friendly and approachable, and playfully banter between one another and I could see how suited they were for each other. Through conversation, I learnt the story of how they met on Hamilton Island and the path they travelled to get to their wedding day. And wow... oh what a story it was. I knew I needed to include it in their wedding film because it defined who they were as a couple and their relationship with each other.

Their wedding day was so much fun. Commencing at their respective preparations, surrounded by their cool bridal party and closest friends - I could sense the excitement, nerves and overall joy. You just had to get a glimpse of the smiles on Danni + Jez's faces to know how ecstatic they were. Their ceremony was held on the forefront of Brighton Beach which was a perfect scenic backdrop not only for their day but for their relationship (having met on Hamilton Island five years prior). Their personalised vows were heartfelt and slightly comical (Danni even saying how much she loved Jez's glasses partway through lol).

Arie from Field of Vision Photography was an absolute pleasure to work with on the day. It's great to work with photographers who have a mutual respect for cinematography and are easy to get along with.

The reception at The Royal Brighton Yacht Club provided a tranquil backdrop for their extended friends and family to continue the celebrations, overlooking the beach and waters. The Baker Boys rocked it out getting everyone up on the dance floor celebrating the new union between Danni + Jez.

Thank you soooooo much Danni + Jez for a truly awesome day. Enjoy your honeymoon and I'm looking forward to catching up with you both when you return :o)