Why invest in wedding cinematography?

We often see the question on so many forum or Facebook groups “should I get a videographer?” or “why should I invest in a good cinematographer instead of getting Uncle Joe to film our day?”

We have put this question to our couples who share their experiences and thoughts…


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Skye + Peter


Morning Star Estate

Bathed in sun drenched light, Skye and Peter celebrated their long awaited union together as husband and wife in one of the most awesome, spectacular and memorable wedding days I'm sure their family and friends will cherish forever.

Before they were engaged, before all the wedding planning and preparations, Skye knew the one and only place she wanted to get married was at Morning Star Estate, one of the Mornington Peninsula's premier wedding venues, which is set amidst 22 acres of exquisite gardens and 30 acres of vines. Skye and Peter actually got engaged at this venue, so it was a no brainier they would continue the love affair and tie the knot in a heart-warming garden ceremony, officiated by the lovely Erin Rollason.

Skye and Peter are suited for each other in every way - though whilst Skye loves Peter's sense of humour and boyish charm, she doesn't quite get his jokes. After meeting through mutual friends, they never looked back as they knew they were destined to be together.

It was sooo much fun filming alongside the ever talented and one of my trusted photographer pals Mel from Milk Photography, as laughs were had throughout the entire day which made the day enjoyable not only for the bridal party, but for us as vendors as well who felt included in the celebrations between Skye + Peter.

Skye wore a stunning Baccini & Hill dress which was a highlight of the day, especially seeing Peter's first reaction of her as she walked down the isle. Branches of Shikan provided the stunning floral arrangements for the garden ceremony which looked magnificent.

Thank you soooo much Skye and Peter for a wonderful day :o)

Sherene + Richard


Maia Docklands

Picturesque clear blue skies provided an ideal backdrop for Sherene and Richard's special day. A relationship that has been in the making for 26 years, after they first met each other in prep and have grown up together.

I still remember one of the first times I met Sherene. Having went to uni with her sister (and my superb friend) Nicole, it was at one of her parties at her house that I had met Sherene - a vibrant, bubbly and caring person who was friendly and welcoming from the get-go. As time passed on and I met Richard who is thoughtful, charming and comical, it was clear that they were ideally suited for one another. When Richard finally popped the question, and a date was set for their "i do's", the countdown commenced to the wedding of the year.

Celebrating with their closest family and friends, the ceremony was held at the stunning St Ignatius Church in Richmond, followed by an absolutely amazing reception at Maia - Docklands. The importance of family was a central theme throughout the wedding day as two families became one.

Sherene + Rich... what can I say... thank you so much for being awesome. It has been an absolute delight to get to know both of you over the past few months (and years) and I really wish you both every bit of happiness for the years ahead.


Massive thank you's to Steve from Eldorado Productions + Michael from Alure Productions for their assistance on the day. You both rock.

It was so much fun to work and laugh with Theo from Loco Photography who set up some stunning shots on the day.

Thank you also to Kushla Smith for her assistance with the pre-interviews and to Nicole for recommending me to film her sisters wedding xx



Sarah + John


Same Day Edit Experience

Where do I begin.......

I don't think there are any words which I can use to accurately describe the pleasure and enjoyment I have had witnessing these two lovely people get together, fall in love and finally get married on what will be forever known as one of the best weddings I have EVER been to.

Having known both Sarah + John for some 10 years (and having studied alongside John at uni with film & television production) it was a daunting task to capture their special day which has been in the making for quiet a few years now. It was comforting to know that Sarah + John trusted me 110% to capture their day and bottle their memory into a visual feast which they can share to all of their friends and families both in Australia and in Greece.

We commenced with interviews with both Sarah + John a month or two prior to their wedding, which gave us a unique insight into their lives, their thoughts on the impending day, and above all - their opportunity to tell their story... The film also incorporates pre wedding preparations footage of Sarah at her final dress fitting with her mum (Sarah looked absolutely STUNNING in her dress by Juanita Bridal), John at his final suit fitting with his groomsmen (the boys looked stylish in their Ferrari Formalwear Suits) and the "pamper day" of Sarah + her bridesmaids two days before the wedding (Makeup With Me) .

All this extra footage added another element to their film which helped tell their overall story and tied the film together nicely. Seeing all these elements come together makes you appreciate how much time and effort actually goes into putting a wedding together. Everyone has a part to play which will result in a memorable occasion.

The wedding day finally came... and rain, hail and possible snow was predicted. But as the morning skies broke with hints of clear blue skies, the day was off to a solid start.

The ceremony at St Anaragyri Greek Orthodox Church in Oakleigh was perfect. It was lovely. It was 10 years in the making. Sarah + John couldn't stop smiling at each other and exchanging laughs and giggles.

It was a thrilling experience to put together this Same Day Edit film for Sarah + John, which was played in front of some 240 guests at their reception, held at the exquisite Brighton International. The thrill and smiles of joy on all the guests faces as they watched in awe reliving the days events which happened some moments ago... amazing!

Sarah + John... not sure what else I can say except... THANK YOU. Thank you for trusting me to capture your day. Thank you for your friendship over the past 10 years. Thank you to all your family, your friends, your guests, your parents + bridal party for being so welcoming. Thank you to Page Boy Logan - my best friend I made during Sarah's preparations!

Enjoy your honeymoon in Europe and I wish you every bit of happiness xx


Special thanks must go to Dean from Preface Films + Steve from Allsorts Films who were filming all day with me - I really appreciate both of your help lads 😀

Also a special thanks to Kushla for her interview skills xx

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Jill + Adam


Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron

I'm not sure if there is any words that I can write that would accurately describe the excitement both JIll and Adam shared in the months, weeks and final hours leading up to exchanging their "i do's". If the SMS log on my phone is any indication, Jill has been overly excited about her wedding for the past year, as every month or so I would receive a message from the bride-to-be, suggesting songs to be included in their feature film and simply sharing her excitement over the day she has been dreaming about since she met Adam.

After a week of unpredictable weather bestowed Melbourne, their prayers and hopes were answered with pure sunshine and clear blue skies, which mirrored the radiance and sheer joy of both Jill + Adam in the lead up to their ceremony. Arriving by boat (which was a surprise for their guests), you couldn't wipe the smile off Adam's face as his wifey made her way down the isle, towards their future together.

Spending some time with Jill + Adam before their wedding, it was clear that they had substance which would withhold the test of time. They are both bubbly, genuine and kind individuals who are perfectly suited for one another in every single way.

The celebrations continued throughout the reception, with surprise fireworks organised by Adam in sheer secrecy, which was the perfect way to eclipse a perfect day.

Jill + Adam, we were absolutely thrilled and delighted to be apart of such a wonderful day. It has been an absolute joy to get to know you both over the past year, and I truly wish you every bit of happiness with your lives together as a family (you will both make amazing parents in a few months time too).

- Glen xx


Massive thanks to Steve from Allsorts Films and Monica from TML Media for their respective talents and work on the day.

It was great to work with photographer Robyn Swallow who was so easy going and a pleasure to film along side of!

Special thanks also to Sean Harvey + Lukas Brock for their assistance on the day with audio!



Natasha + Jason


The Pier Geelong

They met in kindergarten. Natasha used to chase Jason around the playground. Jason would run away as most young boys wouldn't want to play with girls. But during frequent family gatherings, he would occasionally share his toys with her. This childhood love story enveloped into the union we are brought to today.

It was clear observing Natasha + Jason throughout their wedding day that they have known each other practically all of their lives. Both are warm, thoughtful and down to earth individuals who when together, simply make sense to be a couple. Plenty of laughter and happy exchanges were sprinkled throughout their day as they celebrated with those around them that mattered most in their hearts.

The weather was kind to Natasha + Jason. Perfect blue sunny skies with not a drop of rain in sight. The ceremony, held at St Mary's Basilica in Geelong, was the perfect setting for Natasha to make her grand entrance and exchange vows with Jason. We had plenty of time throughout the photo shoot working alongside Paul from Icon Pictures - even having time to have afternoon tea at Customs House in Geelong CBD with Natasha, Jason + their wonderful bridal party.

As the sun set, the reception (held at The Pier) was the picturesque signature to a spectacular day.

Thanks Natasha + Jason for a wonderful time at your wedding :o)

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Olivia + Mark


All Saints Estate

The sun was out in full form as Olivia + Mark, together with their closest friends and family made their way to country Victoria for the celebration of a commitment that ignited some ten years prior. Whilst both are Melbourne based, the reasoning behind having their wedding in Rutherglen was simple - the weather is usually nicer and they could make a weekend getaway together with the people that mattered most to them.

The celebrations commenced the day prior, as the ladies enjoyed an afternoon of lawn bowls and the guys having a 9-hole round of golf. It was great to see both Olivia and Mark enjoying the company of their bridal party as laughs were shared, and fun was had, knowing that this was just the start of the excitement which would lead into the weekend ahead.

Olivia and Mark are both perfectionists. They do everything to 100% in their work, professional lives and for planning their wedding. Both are determined and seek the very best that life has to offer, which is one of the reasons why they are both perfectly suited for one another. They are both polite, engaging and kind hearted individuals.

The setting at All Saints Estate was nothing short of perfection. The ample grounds and rustic setting provided some great photo and video visuals, whilst the guests could relax and unwind and enjoy the serenity.

The ceremony was officiated by the wonderful Susan Roosenboom who captured the essence of what Olivia and Mark were like together as a couple, and their hopes and aspirations for their future together as husband and wife.

Congratulations Olivia + Mark :o)

Special shout out's to Neiyo Sun (from Dansk Photography) and Makeup artist Tasha Wright (Beauty by Tasha). It was wonderful to work alongside both of you on the day!

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Mimi + Daniel


Feature Film

It is with exquisite delight that I invite you to witness the union between Mimi + Daniel. Having spent a few moments with them at the Pancake Parlour in Chadstone the week prior, I could sense that there was something special between Mimi + Daniel. From the subtle glances of affection they shared over a hot beverage, to the way Daniel's eyes illuminate when talking about his bride-to-be and the journey they have experienced over the years which culminates in a day of celebrations.

I commenced the preparations with pre-interviews with both Mimi and Daniel, which allowed me to dive into the background of their relationship. It was heart warming to learn how they first met and the path they have followed which has lead them to exchange the rings and stand under the chutzpah committing themselves to one another.

Their ceremony, held at St Kilda Shule, provided a spiritual backdrop which mirrored their commitment to their faith and beliefs. The happiness which was expressed on their faces when they first saw one another and the tears of joy from all family members when Daniel lowered the veil over Mimi reflected the joy that encompassed the room. As Mimi entered the chutzpah (escorted by her parents), Daniel surprised her by singing with the choir... you couldn't wipe the smile off Mimi's face.

The admiration and kindness that Mimi and Daniel share for one another was evident throughout the day, as they both enjoyed simply sharing it with one another. They are both relatively quiet and reserved individuals which when united, they ignite a spark within each other which flourishes throughout their feature film.

The celebrations continued at The Florian Receptions in Elsternwick, with extended family and friends gathering to create some great memories which I'm sure Mimi + Daniel will treasure for a long time. All speeches were spoken with heart and sincerity which reflected who Mimi + Daniel were as a couple. Then there was the dancing... eccentric, energetic whirlwind traditional dancing which certainly was the perfect way to conclude a perfect day.

It was an absolute joy to work with both Lara + Paola from Lara Luz Photography who were both considerate, easy going and fun to work alongside. It's refreshing to work with photographers who respect the work we as cinematographers produce and create for our couples, and hoping to work with both Lara + Paola again real soon.

Thank you also to Monica from TML Media for second shooting on the day and being the "Slider Queen".

Finally, and most importantly, thank you to Mimi + Daniel for entrusting me to capture your special day and share it with you. I wish you all the best for your future together.


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Mansi + Daniel


The Willows

You couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for the wedding of Mansi + Daniel. The skies were clear blue, the sun was out shining as dawn broke on what would be a heartfelt and memorable day for all involved.

I first met Mansi some time ago at The Willows Bridal Expo, and since then it has been an absolute delight to get to know her (and in turn, Daniel). Both exude a certain warmth when in each others company filled with love, light and laughter.

What really orchestrated a chord for me when having coffee with Mansi a few months prior to her wedding was the story she was telling me on how she first met Daniel, how they fell in love, and what exactly happened on their second date. As you will learn through watching their wedding film, they were stranded in an African jungle overnight with nothing but the clothes on their back (amongst the darkened forest and wild animals). Mansi and Daniel later reflect that it was during their isolated time stranded in Africa their relationship turned and they formed a close bond, which in result brought us to their wedding day.

Friends and family travelled from afar to witness the civil union, held in the beautiful gardens of The Willows, where celebrant Marie Brown hosted a heartfelt ceremony which had all in tears of joy. Special guests Praveen and Meera, who have been apart of Mansi + Daniel's India chapter since the beginning were in attendance, which made their special day complete.

Mansi + Daniel, words cannot describe how thoroughly enjoyable it has been to get to know you both over the past few months, and to capture your special day for you. I wish you every bit of happiness as you continue your journey as husband and wife.

Special thanks and a shout out to Melissa, Estelle and the entire team at The Willows for their cooperation and coordination on the day. All the staff were so helpful and attentive which really made the day enjoyable.

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