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Bee + Scott. Donegan’s Farm

It all started when Bee and Scott met working together at IBM. Scott was very shy and reserved and only corresponded with Bee via their online work chat program.

During one of many conversations, Scott admitted he could not understand The Smurfs when they replace words with the word 'smurf'. He invited Bee over to watch The Smurfs and help him decipher the mysterious correspondence. What a way to meet and have their first date - chatting about Smurfs. But that's Bee + Scott to a tea.

Unconventional but perfectly suited for one another.

Loved every second of their day. From first meeting Bee + Scott, they have been so easy going, friendly and lots of laughs. They share a love for board games and old school Video Games... but what really caught my ear was their love of Harry Potter... and seeing so many trinkets through their day of how they have weaved in the Wizardry World... this is a wedding I'll long remember.

Working alongside Scott from Turner Studios - an absolute legend and a half - we kicked things off by rocking up to the boy's preparations - where after a few photos in their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles body armour, they soon suited up in their Ed Harry attire.

Donegan's Farm... what an amazing place to say "I do". This place needs to be seen to fully appreciated. A rustic barn for the reception, ample grounds and paddocks aplenty for some gorgeous pictures, with free-range animals aplenty.

Bee looked absolutely exquisite in her Mia Solano dress, complemented with a bouquet made from discarded pages of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

The ceremony was officiated by main man Anthony Cribbes - who delivered a light-hearted and sweet ceremony telling the story of how they met and fell in love. I personally loved Bee + Scott's vows to one another - forgoing the traditional ones and opting for words more to their style of personalities.

As the rain stopped in time for some photoshoot time around the farm, guests enjoyed the atmosphere and drinks before being welcomed into the barn for the reception.

Bee did a superb job of styling everything to a tea - much of which was all handmade and DIY. Of course, the puzzle proposal Scott had presented to Bee of two chapters of Deathly Hallows (for those playing at home 'The Unbreakable Vow' + 'The Wedding') was on proud display next to a quote from the wise Albus Dumbledore reflecting on those who couldn't be with Scott + Bee on their magical day.

Loved every moment of your celebrations, Bee + Scott. Thank you so much for a great day!