Chateau Dore Wedding | Bendigo Wedding Videography

Erin + Scott. Chateau Dore

"A relaxed and stress-free day with family and friends. We don't do a lot of stress or fuss - just want it to be nice and simple"...

This is how Erin + Scott described their day to me, and how they envisioned their special celebration uniting their family of four together officially. Wedding days are often filled with stress, to-the-minute timelines and all the razzle-dazzle that seems to be "expected" by society. But not for Erin + Scott...

On the contrary, their day was super chilled, easy going and all had a darn good time.

This is how every wedding day should be.

It was really important for Erin + Scott that the day reflects their family of four, incorporating their two sons Noah + Miller. The boys were an integral presence throughout the day - as a family, they all got ready together and witnessed the 'first look' before joining Erin + Scott on some pre-wedding photos. The boys stood up the front during the ceremony as their self-titled roles as "Wing Man" and "Flower Boy". They both made speeches later in the night which you couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces (and off Erin + Scott's for that matter as they watched on with pride).

The day commenced for Erin with Hair + Makeup well underway at Jools for Jim. Scott and the boys, meanwhile - were having a leisurely morning before rocking up to The Stables @ Queen Bee Vineyard waiting for Erin to arrive where they all got ready together as a family. With all boys looking mighty dapper, they stepped outside for a brief moment as Erin slipped into her Fifi + Edga gown complimented with blooms by The Eternal Vase.

After the first look, we headed across the road to Chateau Dore and alongside legendary Jim from Justin + Jim, we strolled casually around the beautiful grounds capturing the family in some sweet candid pics.

As guests started to arrive, Erin + Scott defied tradition and both greeted their family and friends on arrival, before casually entering to their ceremony, officiated by the lovely Alisa Melhuish - Peninsula Celebrant.

With the golden hour light in absolute mint conditions, Tyler Hudson entertained guests with his vocals and tunes as they enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, as we snuck out briefly to capture the last light for some pics.

Absolutely loved their day - Erin + Scott are two amazing people and I love how they made their wedding day their own.

Thanks so much, Erin + Scott for being absolute troupers.

Here are some of our fav pics by Justin + Jim