Collingwood Children's Farm Wedding Videography Melbourne

Georgia + Lauren . Collingwood Children’s Farm

Just when you think you've worked in every possible weather scenario Melbourne had to offer… along comes the day Georgia + Lauren exchanged vows (and it just so happened to be the hottest day in Melbourne in some 140 years).

With the temperature sitting steadily on 43 degrees, this would be one crazy but amazing day that I had been looking forward to since first meeting with the two lovely ladies back in February 2019. Georgia + Lauren are the types of people you can't help but like a lot and laugh with. They have such a strong connection, a wicked and delicious sense of humour and are genuinely two of the most down to earth, kind hearted and bubbly people you'll ever meet.

What a wedding to end the decade with (our last for 2019) - and to work alongside good mate and fellow Vegas-heat-survivor Michael Briggs Photography - it was the perfect end to the year and wedding to finish with.

Preparations were full of high spirits for both Lauren + Georgia, partying it up with drinks, dance moves and their delightful bridal tribe full of energy and pizzaz. After popping the champagne and spraying it like there's no tomorrow, it was soon time for the ladies to make the grand reveal to their respective bridal tribe members - so much happiness and emotion (and again, dance moves).

As it was soon time to head to Collingwood Children's Farm where the ceremony + reception would follow, you couldn't contain the excitement of the guests or the couple - the heat was what it was, and was soon forgotten for a moment as Georgia + Lauren made their entrances and committed themselves to one another in front of their family and friends, officiated by Evan Dodds.

So many laughs and fun times spending the day with these two beauties. They were completely natural and candid through their portrait session, which made for some stellar content for both Briggsy and I capturing their candidness and love.

The party didn't stop as the reception kicked on, with some amazing speeches (who doesn't love a sing along to Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey?!) and a dance floor that was Lit AF (Princeton's Lane kept the tunes pumpin').

Thanks so much Georgia + Lauren for a great day. You two are the best.