Belinda + Rhys | Parnassus

It was the 1st January 2020 and I received a DM on insta from Belinda...

"Hi there, can I just start by saying I'm obsessed with your work. My friends Stevie + Mitch put me onto you. I literally just got engaged yesterday and my fiance's first question was "am I now gonna stop watching your videos?!""

This wedding has been a long time coming. Even longer after the year we all had last year - but dollars to donuts, it finally happened and cannot be more stoked to finally release the wedding film of Belinda + Rhys.

Can I just start by saying these two are the real deal. Young. In love. So much positive energy between them. The nicest of humans. Lovers of laughter and good times. The complete package. Every step along the way of their wedding journey, they've been nothing but sweethearts and the nicest of people. They are one of the many reasons I love doing what I do.

They were married at Parnassus - set out in Gippsland region with undoubtedly one of the best backdrops for a wedding featuring rolling hills from every vantage point you look towards. It was a beautiful day, as friends and family gathered from afar - their guest number allowances kept on changing in the days leading up to their wedding due to restrictions but fortunately fate was on Belinda + Rhys' sides.

Belinda + Rhys had the best legends onboard for their day - everything was so easy, stress free and super chill. Exactly the vibe you want for your day of days!

As always, terrific fun working alongside Jamie from Country Mile Photography - such a breeze to work in tandem with.

Their day was officiated by favourite Kate Haley Civil Celebrant - Kate's never one to shy away from the camera and delivers on every occasion.

Shannon from Music with Memories - get amongst this legend. By far one of the best DJs we're fortunate to work alongside - such a vibe and always gets the d-floor pumpin' (spot his cameo in the film).

Thanks so much Belinda + Rhys for a great day!

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